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Greek people, with ancient history and a tradition attached to the greatest moments of their life (Birth, Death, Love, Marriage, etc.) with it. 

This is a treasure rescued from each one of us that we seek the maintenance of the past. A tradition expressed through folk art, festivals, folk songs, dances, costume, manners and customs. Here we deal with the Costume:

The traditional Greek costume characterizes and distinguishes the people of each region.
It is built to impress and not to show off her body. The rich materials, the variety in their embroidery, and the decoration in sewing, are creating a personal stamp of each region. The costumes are divided into several categories.

Depending on the terrain:

the mountains, lowland, island

Depending on the social situation

In bridal, celebration, daily

Depending on the age

A daughter, bride, married and widowed elderly

Depending on the external parts of the costume

In urban areas, with European materials and stitching
In spatial, handmade with local materials

Most of the pieces of the costume is sewn, trimmed and embroidered by women [grandmother, mother and daughter].
The large external pieces sewed and embroidered men, tailors (Terzis and Terzian).
Such a Terzis is Nikos, who tiles sews and embroiders, with elegance, (entire) costumes from all over Greece.

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