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Nick Plakidas

Nicholas was born in the Katochi - Messolongi 1965. A beautiful town built on the banks of Achelous, the village where she lived the last years of the Royal Lady of Ali Pasha. Close to the ancient Oiniades important center in ancient times. There are remains of the harbor, baths, theater, stage and the citadel with 7 km of walls.

Nick from toddler showed his love for the tradition of his birthplace. Growing earned him permanently. He began to gather authentic costumes and studying the method of construction and to record the old stitches. Thus began slowly set up his own workshop. But the quality of his work and respect for the tradition quickly made known. His fame spread to Greece and all over the world, anywhere there is a Greek element. He collaborates with museums, collectors, folklorists, the Theatre "Dora Stratou and Lyceum of Greek Women. Today, apart from the workplace has created a beautiful exhibition space and a wardrobe of costumes from all over Greece. Its activity is not limited to the construction of costumes, shoes and jewelry that complements the other costume. The work is always done with traditional techniques and made a true copy.

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